Support for Collection Management

How Can SESAR Help Manage My Sample Collection?

SESAR can help your personal and institutional sample management. By registering your samples with SESAR, you will

  • create a catalog of your samples,
  • ensure preservation of all information about your samples,
  • allow others to discover your samples to start new collaborations.

SESAR offers a private work space (MySESAR) that allows you to create, view, and edit metadata profiles of your samples. Besides basic information about a sample such as location of collection and sample type, you can store images, documents such as scanned field notes or maps, and links to publications in the sample metadata profile. SESAR will expand the functionality of MySESAR to offer additional capabilities for personal and institutional sample management.


Digital Environment for Sample Curation (DESC)

SESAR is leading a collaborative, multi-institutional initiative to plan and design a Digital Environment for Sample Curation (DESC) as a shared, community-driven, and open-source system that will support collection management and online presence, and will encourage and further the development of common data and collection management standards and procedures. Read more>>