On this page you can find a variety of documents about SESAR and the IGSN, such as presentations, posters, flyers, and technical documentation.



Release Notes


Presentations & Posters

  • 2014, April 3: The IGSN and Geosamples [view]
  • 2013, March 27: Introduction to the IGSN Webinar
    • Introduction: Why use the IGSN? and What is the IGSN? [pdf]
    • How to participate and become a user [pdf]
    • Webinar Q & A [html]
    • Video [.mov,  70 MB] (depending on your settings, this might play automatically in your web browser upon click, you can also right-click to Save File on your local drive)
  • 2012, 34th International Geological Congress, Brisbane Australia [folder link]
    • The International Geo Sample Number (IGSN), Lehnert [pdf]
    • Identifers in ISO and OGC, Cox [pdf]
    • Why Physical Samples are so Important in the Digital Age, Wyborn [pdf]
  • 2012, Presentation to the US State Geological Surveys, March 8, 2012: "An Introduction to SESAR and the IGSN." [pdf]
  • 2011, AGU Poster, Chan et al., System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR: Services for IGSN Registration and Sample Metadata Management [pdf]


Abstracts & Articles

  • 2012, International Implementation of Registration and Identification Services for Physical Samples in the Digital Universe: the IGSN e.V. (Lehnert and Klump, International Geological Congress (IGC) abstract) [pdf]
  • 2012, A Geoscience Internet of Things, (Lehnert and Klump, EGU abstract) [pdf]
  • 2011, IGSN e.V.: Architecture and Governance of Registration and Identification Services for Physical Samples in the Digital Universe (Lehnert et al., AGU abstract) [pdf]
  • 2010, The Global Registration of Geologic Sampling (Wiedenbeck, Elements, Oct 2010) [pdf]
  • 2008, Facilitating Research in Mantle Petrology with Geoinformatics (Lehnert and Klump) [pdf]


Technical Documentation