Sample Registration

From the SESAR homepage, click the right-most option in the headerbar, LOGIN TO MYSESAR. You will see your personal SESAR page, mySESAR. Along the top of the page, you will see several tabs for navigating in your SESAR space. Click on the tab for Sample Registration. From the Sample Registration Page, you can choose to register an individual sample or to create a batch file template.

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Individual Sample Registration


Define Type and Relationships

The first registration screen sets the Object (Sample Type), Local Name (existing name besides the IGSN), and Sample Relationships of your sample. 

  1. Select the Type of Object (a.k.a. Sample Type)
  2. Enter the Sample Name
  3. If the object has a Parent, enter its parent information.
  4. Click submit

Define IGSN generation and Privacy Settings

The second registration screen sets the IGSN and Privacy of your sample. 

  1. Select either a SESAR-generated IGSN or manually set your IGSN: IGSNs are alphanumeric and case-insensitive. However, even though they are case-insensitive, they will display the case as you enter it. 
  2. Set the Access Permission in SESAR which determines the date your sample metadata becomes public.
  • If you choose No, then your sample metadata will become public immediately.
  • If you choose Yes, then you may choose a date when sample metadata should become public. SESAR strongly recommends that sample metadata become available immediately upon sample registration or within two years of registration.

Enter metadata

The third registration screen is where you enter metadata about your sample. 
The the list of metadata depends on the Object Type.

  • When you are finished filling in metadata fields, click Ready? Submit to SESAR.


Batch Registration


If you are registering a batch, you will download an .xls sheet which you can fill in, then upload to SESAR using the Upload my batch samples link.
All samples in a batch must be of the same object type.


Create a Batch File Template

From the Sample Registration Page, click Create a Batch File Template.
Enter the Basic Information: 

After you select the Type of Object, the related metadata will appear in a checklist.

  • The suggested minimum fields are checked off. Edit which fields you want in your template, then click Submit to Create Template - an .xls file will be downloaded to your computer in your browser's default download location.
  • On your local computer, fill in the template.

Upload a New Batch File

From the Sample Registration Page, click Upload a New Batch File.

  • You will see the Batch Sample Registration Upload Page. 
  • Use the Add File button to add completed templates to the list (currently, you can only add one at a time). 
  • When you have added your file, click the Upload button.

Batch Registration Submission Grid

When your file is uploaded, you will see the information from your template in the online Batch Registration Submission grid. SESAR has checked for errors and indicates these with a red line underlying the problem cell. You may edit cells by clicking on them.

  • You may download the grid as Excel by clicking the button Download as Excel
  • When you are satisfied with the grid display of your metadata, click Register Now

After you have registered your spreadsheet, we recommend emailing We can confirm receipt of your Batch Registration file. The processing of your Batch Registration may take a few days, depending on the queue of registrations. If you need your IGSNs faster, please contact