SESAR 7.1.1 Released

Apr 2018. SESAR version 7.1.1 is released, which includes new features, enhancements, and improvements.

  • New Feature: An option to preview sample locations on a map is now provided when you upload a SESAR batch registration or batch upload template in MySESAR. You can access the map by clicking "View Locations on Map." Locations are only shown if you have entered values for Latitude and Longitude (not UTM). You can see if samples plot in expected locations and, if not, you can adjust coordinates in your batch template and re-upload it, eliminating the need to edit sample metadata at a later time or involve the SESAR curator. We recommend that you double-check your sample locations by viewing your samples on a map each time you upload a batch registration template.

Read all of the improvements at the SESAR Release Notes page.