SESAR Community

SESAR's user community includes individual investigators, sample repositories, museums, large sampling campaigns, data management specialists, and geoinformatics developers.


Become part of the SESAR community - start using the IGSN for your samples!


Repositories that have registered large sample collections include


Data Systems that have implemented the IGSN for unique sample identification include


Sampling Campaigns that are or will be using the International Geo Sample Number include

  • International Continental Drilling Program
  • International Ocean Drilling Program (nearly 3.5 million objects from ODP already registered)
  • US Extended Continental Shelf Program
  • US Critical Zone Observatories


Please contact if you are interested in becoming part of the SESAR community.


For information regarding other IGSN allocating agents, visit the website of the IGSN e.V., the Implementing Organization of the International Geo Sample Number IGSN.