How Should the IGSN be Used?

The IGSN should be used to identify the sample

  • in the storage or archive.
  • in the lab.
  • in your data files.
  • in publications.



The IGSN should be recorded together with your personal or institutional sample name on any sample label. It is not intended to replace personal or institutional sample names. Just as we are known by our own non-unique names (like “Kerstin”), but we have social security or drivers license numbers, everyone will continue to name their samples using their preferred personal or institutional protocols. Both names will be listed in the SESAR system and on the bar codes generated by it.


Researchers and curators should obtain IGSNs for the samples that they curate or that they own. Database developers should make sure that any sample-based data in their database or data system is referenced to an IGSN.


What is the IGSN?

Why do we need the IGSN?

What are the benefits of the IGSN?

How do I obtain an IGSN?